Volunteers are the heart and soul of The Promise We Share!

  • Volunteers administer our diverse collection of educational programs. We equip volunteers with thorough curricula and necessary materials, but our volunteers are the ones who create trustful, supportive communities and maximize the positive impact of our projects. 
  • Volunteers have the unique chance to engage with new environments and foster cultural change. 

  • Volunteer positions are based on the ever-evolving community initiatives that our leadership committees are pursuing.
  • In the past, volunteer opportunities have included: 
    • Teaching a weekly civic enrichment program at a middle school– Educational Enrichment Committee
    • Mentoring youth in developing their own community action plans– Community Empowerment Committee
    • Facilitating a mental health seminar at a transitional housing site for priorly incarcerated adults– Community Health Committee
    • Leading drop-in fitness classes at a local shelter– Community Health Committee Participating in a roundtable discussion on youth-focused social policy with a congressional representative– Community Empowerment Committee 

  • Yes! As long as a volunteer approaches PWS with enthusiasm and passion, we will provide the training and resources they need to succeed. 
    • Each curriculum includes instructions and individualized volunteer notes. 
    • Before teaching a course, volunteers will be given time to speak with the committee who designed the class to ask clarifying questions and get to know the program better. 
    • We host quarterly training sessions to help volunteers practice different interpersonal skills and build their confidence. Trainings include roundtable discussions, guest speakers, and simulations. 
    • There will be additional opportunities to earn standardized certifications and connect with community leaders.

  • Depending on interest and availability, volunteers are typically connected with one of our programs and provide weekly services at one of our partner sites. However, there are monthly and one-time volunteer roles as well.

Regular Volunteer Form

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“Through volunteering at the Westhelp Recreational Center, I have been able to develop such close relationships with the kids that I have been tutoring. Watching the kids grow as learners has been such an amazing experience. When they truly grasp the work that I help them with, it feels so gratifying.”
– Katie, 16, senior volunteer