PWS Committees

  • Committee members conduct research, conceptualize new community programs, create our educational resources, and propose policy recommendations to local leaders. 
  • Committee members have the opportunity to work closely with numerous partner organizations as well as collaborate with field experts to revise curriculum. 
  • While each committee completes an assorted set of projects annually, each of our three committees is rooted in one topic of interest: youth education, community health, and community empowerment. 

  • Each committee has a designated committee leader, who meets with potential partners and brainstorms preliminary outlines for new programs. 
  • Committee leaders assign committee members personalized tasks of research and curriculum development. 
  • Committees meet weekly to present progress to one another and synthesize workshops, but members work individually to curate content and design immersive learning opportunities. 
  • Periodically, professors, medical professionals, and civic figures meet with committees to connect with PWS and provide guidance. 

  • Given the heterogeneous nature of committee projects, we search for indvidauls with diverse backgrounds and passions. In particular, we value teaching experience, entrepreneurial interests, and political involvement. 
  • After being accepted onto a PWS committee, new members are mentored by experienced members in the unique process of structuring inclusive programs and delivering information through interactive experiences.

  • In the past, PWS has helped several of our student leaders earn internships with our partner organizations and mentors. 

  • Each committee meets virtually once a week, but each committee member also has specific asynchronous responsibilities. 

Committee Application

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Administration and Advocacy

  • Our administrative and advocacy teams are critical to our success! 
    • Our administrative team coordinates programs, schedules events, recruits new volunteers,  organizes our educational resources, and facilitates internal communications. 
    • Our advocacy team develops online educational resources and brings the work of our organization to new people. They design social media content and manage press opportunities. 
    • Being a member of our administrative and advocacy teams gives students an exciting opportunity to explore entrepreneurial interests, grow a network, and serve their community in unconventional ways. 
    • To get involved, contact 

“The Promise We Share has given me the opportunity to provide physical exercise and fitness to those who do not have access to these privileges; being active is super important to me, and I love sharing the experience with others to promote a healthy lifestyle”
– Ethan, 16, Community Health Program Director

“I love having the opportunity to use my creativity and passion for STEM to teach students engaging content while fostering curiosity within them. More importantly, we build a community among the students and develop essential values that are often overlooked in schools.”
– Yasmin, 16, Educational Enrichment Program Director

“As the volunteer coordinator for The Promise We Share, I have been able to not only experience first-hand the impact being made, but also explore my passion for management and leadership by helping connect others with volunteer experiences where they can thrive.”
– Nandini, 16, Volunteer Coordinator