The Community Health Committee works to provide specialized educational tools and resources to improve physical and social-emotional health outcomes. By equipping community members with new knowledge and a sense of agency, we strive to develop sustainable community patterns that promote wellbeing and reduce the prevalence of clinical health problems.


  • Our programs are mainly conversation based and help to build a base of knowledge while encouraging participants to share personal experiences and perspectives.

  • The curriculum is built through a process of research, discussion with individuals who have been intimately impacted by the involved systems, and review with field experts.

  • Compassion and empowerment are prioritized while discussing important and vulnerable topics.

Financial Literacy with partner Sienna House Women’s Shelter

  • An introductory course on fiscal topics, including budgeting, spending, expenses, debt, and investments, with an emphasis on future planning and tracking of money.

Community and Lifestyle Health with partner We Are Not Afraid Community Center

  • Multilingual, culturally-informed nutritional resources and multilingual positive psychology posters to be placed around the facility.
  • A general wellness course, adapted to fit WANA’s multiethnic population.

Interactive Mental Health Seminar with partner Hudson Link Transitional Housing Site

  • A conversation course for previously incarcerated adults aimed to help destigmatize discussion on mental health, open a safe space for inclusive conversation, build a close community, promote sustainable lifestyles, and foster vulnerability and empathy.

Yoga, Meditation, and Light Exercise with partner Sienna House Women’s Shelter

  • A fitness class that teaches evidence-based yoga, meditation, and light exercise techniques for young parents.

Social and Personal Wellness with partner Oasis Shelter

  • A three-week wellness program for homeless adults with minor disabilities using interactive activities to educate participants on general health, mental health, sexual health, and social skills.

General Ethics and Inclusion Training

  • A DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) workshop intended for staff of partner facilities to promote a just and respectful environment that maintains a focus on disability etiquette and covers topics such as respectful language, the danger of assumptions, and micro-aggressions.

Curriculum Samples