Target Population:
Shelters, community centers, detention centers, government social services facilities and low-income nursing homes.

Mental Illness Prevention

We prevent onset of severe mental illness through preventative interventions and early identification of prodromal symptoms. We host discussions and classes on crucial resiliency skills such as healthy communication, emotional regulation, body image and identifying sources of social support for high-risk individuals at shelters, community centers, schools and nursing homes. Furthermore, we provide information on what early stages of psychological disorders might look like and enable people to effectively help loved ones suffering from psychopathology. We also coordinate appointments and transportation to community clinics for individuals who feel they need to see a clinician. 

  • We combat loneliness, one of the most concerning risk factors for mental illness, by facilitating relationships between empathetic, dependable volunteers and individuals facing adversity and instability in some facets.  
  • Our wellness initiatives involve creativity, self-expression and humanitarian work to improve participants’ sense of self.

Locating the Right Assistance

We funnel individuals to affordable in-patient units and recovery centers and then collaborate with the medical facilities to provide outreach to help participants maintain their success after completing an intensive recovery program. Participants are connected with an adult volunteer who connects with them via phone calls weekly for 12 weeks and offers emotional support as well as works with them to develop safety plans and life skills. 

Trauma Recovery

A portion of our volunteers are extensively trained in psychology and provide counseling to help individuals who have suffered from traumatic exposures of varying severities process the event and overcome symptoms of PTSD. 

  • These programs integrate community service into the curriculum to give participants a sense of purpose and further the work of animal shelters and affordable housing projects. 

Financial Literacy and Life Skills

We offer classes on financial literacy and life skills at shelters and community centers. These classes educate participants on how to appropriately plan for their future, manage a household and participate in democratic processes. 

  • Certain classes are specifically tailored to expecting mothers and parents to ensure they have the resources and capabilities they need to create a stable and supportive environment for their child. 

Job Preparation

Our adult volunteers help unemployed and financially insecure individuals develop strong job applications and prepare for interviews, so they are able to find high quality jobs that take advantage of participants’ distinctive strengths. 

Public Works Projects

Eventually, we hope to coordinate with local government agencies to help initiate public service projects, such as the creation of libraries and childcare programs, spearheaded by community members that empower underfunded neighborhoods and provide employment opportunities to the local population.