Target Population:
Food insecure families.

Distributing Food, Compassion and Information

Our volunteers work with pre-existing food distribution programs to provide food to impoverished and housing insecure populations in areas with low access to community pantries, and through this process, we provide personalized referrals to shelters, health resources, and domestic violence intervention programs.

Coordinating Transportation

Given that access to public transportation is a significant barrier in allowing people to get to food pantries, we coordinate with afterschool programs to transport and distribute fresh produce from community pantries. This way, parents can simultaneously pick up their groceries and children. 

Service Based Social Events For Youth

Teen volunteers spend an exciting afternoon with a group of elementary aged children and run a series of games and crafts, but the main activity of the event is packing brown-bag lunches for food insecure families. Parents are asked to cover nothing more than the cost of supplies for the meals. A group of 6-8 children is typically able to make 120 meals.   

Community Gardens

We establish community gardens at educational institutions to provide students with more dynamic, hands-on learning experiences that also yield fresh produce for the local population. Our volunteers help harvest and transport food as well run educational programs relating to sustainability, nutrition and personal development using the garden. 

Supporting Local Facilities

We funnel volunteers to underfunded food distribution facilities that are serving deeply impoverished communities. 

Waste Recovery

We work with large and small food generators to help bring their close-to-date products into food recovery programs. Essentially, we connect with local businesses and provide information and logistical support on getting resources that would otherwise go to waste to nearby food pantries. To incentivize our partners, we exert our community influence to promote their business using our authentic social media platform.

Using Social Media

We conduct outreach to hotels, and offer information and logistical support in donating their excess toiletries to community centers. Once again, to incentivize partners, we exert our community influence to promote their business using our authentic social media platform.

Guiding Outreach Programs

We advise community food distributors on how they can reach people with the greatest need. We first identify areas with the least access to community pantries and then provide tailored proposals to pre-existing organizations on how we can partner to empower these neighborhood through models such as community fridges.